2016-08-05 15:17:31 by DeadFish06

Finally have the money to build the studio, wich means better content (now that i look at it, almost all my work look amateur).

It's been so long

2015-08-08 00:03:22 by DeadFish06

I was kinda confused by FL Stuido 12 so i had to re learn FL Studio completelly, thats a pain in the ass :\ but hopefully i will resume work and will get back with original content :)

i will be back

2015-03-11 14:10:13 by DeadFish06

just saying


2014-11-22 00:31:59 by DeadFish06


Im taking requests

2014-08-14 18:40:45 by DeadFish06

If anyone wants to request a song for remix just send me a PM with the name of the song and (if from a game) the name of the game

Anyone wants to have a demo?

Im a Fish and im Dead!

2013-07-30 00:14:08 by DeadFish06

Hello Everyone!